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My name is Josh Hassing, and I am a Conservative Libertarian running for City Council in Elk River’s Ward 3.

Politics have always been a passion of mine, as I believe citizens having a voice in government operations on all levels is an important cornerstone in ensuring all are given the opportunity to prosper. Perhaps the most accessible level of government for citizens to do this is local government, namely City Council. The open floor formats are a glowing example of how I believe government should work. It is for this reason that I have decided to run. I believe, if elected to this seat, I would be an excellent conduit for my neighbors in Ward 3, giving them the opportunity to have their voices heard within this great city.

I hold a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical University, which I earned in 2013. When earning this degree, I completed several classes pertaining to my degree, as well as supplement classes in leadership and ethical decision making, business management, and human resources. Through my years of education and my professional history, I have learned a variety of valuable skills that allow me to work with people of all different backgrounds and beliefs. This, I believe, would allow me to be an effective member of a city council that truly values the voices and needs of every resident of this city.

My fiancée, Nicole, and I live here in Elk River’s Ward 3 with our two boys. Zack - 11, and Carter - 4. Carter has an IEP due to a developmental delay, and this has given us the opportunity to really get to know the school district here in Elk River and how it operates. We truly believe that the schools here and the programs they offer are phenomenal. This past school year, we have gotten to know some amazing teachers and specialists and have never been anything short of impressed.

Both of our boys (along with Nicole and myself) love the parks here, both for the quality and the quantity, Carter loves the playgrounds, and Zack and I enjoy fishing the rivers as well as Orono Lake. The people we meet and speak with in our daily adventures have also never been short of friendly, and I have had countless conversations with people that I had met only minutes before on a fishing pier.

This is a city that genuinely feels like a home, and I would be honored to represent it in our City Council.

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